Trump: The End Of The IS Caliphate Is Imminent

US President Donald Trump has once again promised a swift and complete victory over IS terrorist militia in Syria.

Donald Trump Prophesies

“The caliphate will be gone by tonight,” said US President Donald Trump on Wednesday afternoon visiting a Lima tank factory in Ohio, Ohio. The caliphate was taken, “you’ll see tonight,” he told factory workers. Trump had repeatedly announced a victory over the Islamic State (IS) in recent weeks. The deadlines, which he called for it, but so far passed without result.

After months of struggles, the self-proclaimed caliphate of the IS is now also close to the final decay. According to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), on Thursday they claimed a camp in the last Syrian IS bastion Baghus, where the remaining extremists had dug themselves into trenches and tunnels. According to the SDF, the jihadists were pushed back to a narrow strip on the banks of the Euphrates River. The fierce fighting initially continued.

The SDF led by Kurds is going for weeks against the IS-Bastion Baghus. In the place on the border with Iraq, the last remaining IS fighters had entrenched themselves in a confined space in a tent camp on the Euphrates. It is estimated that several hundred jihadists have resisted there.

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