$1.2 Million For Study Place: US College Throws Out Student

Bribery scandal sets an example in the elite Yale University.

Yale University Bribery Scandal

The prestigious Yale University kicked out a student in the bribery scandal involving US elite universities. The University of New Haven, Connecticut, East Coast, announced Tuesday that it had revoked the young woman’s admission to the university.

According to the indictment filed against the former Yale women’s football coach, the student’s parents paid around $1.2 million (around one million euros) in bribes to get their daughter on the team, and thus the elite company.

The scandal became public in mid-March when dozens of affluent parents, including celebrities such as actress Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, were allegedly paying bribes for their children to attend elite colleges. Affected include Yale, Georgetown University in Washington and the University of Stanford, California.

In some cases, parents paid money so that their children would be included in sports teams at universities or get admitted to the university itself. There is a tough competition in the allocation of places to the US elite university.

Yale was now the first university that announced the expulsion of a student in the wake of the affair. The former high school women’s football coach is said to have written fake recommendations for two candidates, but only one of them was accepted.

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