Going Camping? Be Sure to Pack these 4 Innovative Items

If you are planning on swapping your cozy bed, wired home and “pizza delivered in 30 minutes or it is free” lifestyle for a few days in the great outdoors, then while you are up for adventure, you do not necessarily want to experience something like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”. With this in mind, here are four innovative items to take on your next camping trip (and no, a volleyball named Wilson is not one of them!).

  1. A Manual and Portable Espresso Machine

There is nothing “glamping” about a manual and portable espresso machine, and toting one of these lovely creations along during your excursion is not pretentious. Espresso lovers understand that instant coffee is one of life’s cruellest inventions (perhaps second only to slow wifi).

  1. Portable Bunks Beds

Sleeping is not fun when you are jammed inside a stuffy tent (and what is with that plastic smell that never, ever goes away?), or if you are getting endlessly jabbed by rocks as you toss and turn. The solution is portable bunk beds. These super-light beds fold up and can be easily set up outside during the day if you want a leisurely nap under a sunny sky.

  1. A Side Canyon Table

It is one of those “little details” that many campers realize — too late — is a much bigger deal than they imagined: not having a study, company side table to place beverages, books, or anything else. Fortunately, the Side Canyon Table is the ideal answer. You can even use it as a footrest, and it is strong enough to function as an extra seat. You can pick one up from AERO In Stock (just put “side canyon table” in the search box and follow the link).

  1. A Personal Water Filter

Unfortunately, the pristine waters in the great outdoors may look lovely, but drinking it usually is not a good idea — because in addition to the H20, you will be ingesting bacteria, protozoa, and other hazards. A personal water filter is a simple and safe way to stay hydrated. It uses a replaceable active carbon filter, and there are no batteries required. If you get the straw kind, you can even stick it directly into the water and sip away. How convenient is that?

The Bottom Line

Getting back to nature is always a good idea — especially in today’s hectic world. The innovative products above will help ensure that your camping trip is enjoyable, relaxing and fun, instead of frustrating and stressful.


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