Facebook’s Oculus Ships VR Controllers With Creepy, ‘Inappropriate’ Hidden Messages

Tens of thousands of Oculus Touch controllers are delivering a little bit more than virtual reality.

Facebook Oculus Ships VR

The handheld devices from the Facebook-owned VR company are being shipped to consumers with hidden messages inside the controllers that say “The Masons Were Here” and “This Space For Rent,” the company said.

“Unfortunately, some ‘easter egg’ labels meant for prototypes accidentally made it onto the internal hardware for tens of thousands of Touch controllers,” Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell announced on Twitter on Friday, referring to the hardware that will accompany the new Oculus Quest and Rift S headsets set to ship this spring.

“The messages on final production hardware say ‘This Space For Rent’ & ‘The Masons Were Here.’ A few dev kits shipped with ‘Big Brother is Watching’ and ‘Hi iFixit! We See You!’ but those were limited to non-consumer units,” Mitchell wrote. The latter two messages were only in the prototypes shipped to developers.

The preemptive announcement and apology were released quickly for a company that has been criticized for being slow to react to problems with its products and services.

“This was a process error. The messages were meant as easter eggs for prototypes only and should have been removed pre-production,” a Facebook spokesperson wrote to XulNews in an email. She confirmed that the units, which have yet to be shipped, will not be recalled.

The mistake messages won’t be visible in plain sight, the company confirmed.

“The messages are on an internal component of the controller – in other words, they’re inside the hardware,” the Facebook spokeswoman wrote. “Thus, you’d have to take apart the controller to see either of the messages that will be on consumer controllers (‘This Space for Rent’ and ‘The Masons were Here’).”

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