Ronaldo Kissed Daughter On The Mouth And Reaped Shitstorm

An Instagram video shows the superstar exchanging caresses with his daughter. Not everybody likes it.

Christiano And His Daughter

Over five million have seen it, a few million should come to it. Georgina Rodriguez, the fiancé of Cristiano Ronaldo, posted a video on her Instagram profile on Tuesday showing her lover with her little daughter Alana Martina. What exactly can be seen on it? Well, how the football superstar exchanges tenderness with the one-year-olds. Nothing special, then.

For some followers of the 25-year-old Spanish model, it still caused for excitement. Even though most people find the video simply “cute”, among the numerous comments, there are also some who can not live with what they have just seen. “But not on the mouth, on the cheeks is appropriate”, “How can you kiss a girl’s mouth?” – Even such things are among the meanwhile 22.300 comments. Some have counted exactly and are on 16 “inappropriate” mouth kisses.

Are these people worried about the (injured) privacy of Alana Martina, born in 2007, or are they the “hater” of the Portuguese? CR7 has not commented on the “allegations” so far. As you know him, he will probably do it.

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