Best Way to Clean Leather Riding Gear

Motorcycle riders know that leather is one of the best materials for their gear. Not only does it protect skin from rough asphalt and packed dirt, it also looks really, really cool. The thing with leather, however, is it needs to be properly cared for and maintainedin order for it continue to look good and last a long time.

Best Way to Clean Leather Riding Gear

There is also a fine balance when cleaning leather motorcycle jackets and other gear, because you do not want them to get too dry or too wet. This will cover some common problems related to leather and how to solve them, so your gear looks great for years down the road.

Fading Color

Sometimes the jacket is not really fading. Rather, it is just covered with a layer of grime, dirt and smog. The solution for this is to clean it with a leather shampoo.Just as you would not want to scrub your sensitive skin, you should treat leather in a gentle manner.

Use a shampoo that is made specifically for leather cleaning, as this quality material deserves a quality cleanser. Make sure it does not have waxes or silicones in the ingredients.You can use a rag or soft brush to apply the shampoo. This same method can be used to clean your sexy leather pants and your protective gloves.


Sweat is a common problem for bike riders. This wears out the interior of jackets and gloves because when the sweat evaporates, it leaves a salt residue. And, of course, you can imagine the smell that emanates from these items. It makes you want to ride fast just to escape the stench.

The best step to combat this issue is to air out your clothing after a ride. This helps tremendously. An essential step after you introduce your gear to some nice, fresh air is to get rid of the salt buildup, as this is what causes the most damage. While important, this is an easy thing to do. Use a de-salting spray and liberally spray both the inside and outside of the jacket.

You do not even have to remove it, which gives you more time to plan your next ride, share a cold one with your buddies or post your awesome riding photos on your Facebook or Instagram account. Make sure you let your clothing dry because it will be damp.


Conditioning your leather gear is an important step for sunspots and all the previously mentioned issues. The elements, and even washing, remove oils from leather. When you condition it, you uphold the quality and strength of the item. Choose a leather conditioner and apply a thin layer so it does not clog the pores of the material.Just as you take good care of your OEM bike parts, conditioning your leather is one of the best ways to keep your whole riding ensemble in tip-top shape.

Do Not Skimp on Cleaning 

Both new and experienced riders understand that buying the best aftermarket motorcycle parts can make a big difference in performance. They also know that taking care of their leather riding gear is essential to maintain quality and, to be honest, look darn good while riding.

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