Booklet’s go: when your business should consider making its own booklets

Despite the rise of technology, many businesses are still utilising effective print marketing resources. Though spending over the years has fallen, companies in the UK still spend a whopping £1.24 billion a year on print media advertising.

One of these print marketing resources is the often-overlooked booklet. However, booklets can be extremely beneficial, giving you a visual resource that is still packed with information. Plus, they are the perfect size for handing out or putting through letterboxes.

Booklet’s go

In short, booklets can allow you to go into great depth when explaining your products, taking multiple pages rather than just the one offered by a flyer. However, why choose a cost-effective means of advertising and then pay someone else to make it for you? Here we discuss when your business should consider making its own booklets.

It could save you money

Once you know what you are doing as a company, or you have trusted graphic designers on your team, it seems only logical to cut out the middleman and make the booklets yourself. Though the start up costs might be an investment, as you will need to purchase machinery, this can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run. This money can then be reinvested into the company to be used where it is most needed.

Large variety of printing options

There are many booklet makers on sale for you to choose from, which have a variety of different specifications. You can go for a small, hand-fed desktop machine or a fully automated, high-quality production system. Whatever your budget or your skill level, there is something for you, as they can do it all for you. From a booklet maker you can create books, catalogues, manuals and so much more.

More flexibility and creative control

With such a variety of choice, this means that this can truly be a bespoke solution. In turn, this will allow you more flexibility and creative control over the booklets that you produce. Designs can be scaled and finished however you like, giving you ultimate creative control with no need for any complex or specialist skill.

Less waste

By printing your own booklets, this means that you are not held to a fixed supply. When ordering your booklets from a printing company, you might have to order in hundreds or units. This number will have to be estimated in advance. If you get this number wrong, you can be left with leftover booklets which are thrown away.

Meet demand

The flip side of this is that if you run out of booklets you can just print some more! This means that you can always accurately meet the demand for your booklets, meaning no one goes without.

Print advertising solutions offer businesses a way to design and customise a tangible product which can be both aesthetic and informative. To make this an even more flexible and bespoke marketing tactic, cut out the middleman and start printing your own booklets.


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