Trump’s Order Received Deadly Criticism Internationally

An executive order issued from Oval office of White House on Friday, which says that citizens from 7 Muslims majority countries are not eligible to enter into United States of America for next 120 days (4 months) is being criticized worldwide.

Trump’s Order Received Deadly Criticism Internationally

Its sparked hatred, angered and chaos against President Trump and his administration. Although, White House is keep on claiming that this move is not “Anti-Muslim” whereas, President Trump while talking to media also urged that don’t give any discriminatory color to his order neither the ban is “anti-muslims law”

Protestors from different regions of America are recording their protest. A mass was gathered on JFK airport on Friday to mark their dislikes angered against this law. Passengers are facing hurdles at different airports of US, either they are entertained with immediate detainment or they are asked to fly them back.

Although, this move of Trump’s administration has received criticism by different faith groups, politicians, civil rights, democrats, and politicians. Whereas, a federal judge of Brooklyn, New York cease the officials deploy at different airports of United States to stop sending back the landed people from the Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Syria.

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