Second Brexit Referendum Would Be Betrayal Of The British People

The British Prime Minister is fighting a second referendum. What she wants to say to Parliament today.

Second Brexit Referendum

British Prime Minister Theresa May fights on several fronts for her Brexit deal. On the one hand, it has to convince the opponents of their deal from the opposite, on the other hand, it opposes those who even call for a second referendum on the EU exit. The most prominent proponent of this idea is former Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair.

May does not think – because of democracy-political arguments. According to Prime Minister May, a second Brexit referendum would inflict “irreparable damage” on British politics. It would “continue to split” the country, according to previously published excerpts of the speech that May wants to hold on Monday in the British Parliament. This is reported by the British newspaper. May: “Let’s not break the British word by trying to hold another referendum.”

Such a second referendum would inflict irreparable damage on the integrity of our policies, according to May’s speech. A second referendum on Britain’s exit from the EU would not help the country any further. Rather, the country would “continue to split” at the very moment we are working to unify it.”

A second referendum would therefore say to millions of citizens who have trusted British democracy that “our democracy does not deliver”. “A second referendum will not get us any further than the first,” May wants to say today in Parliament.

The British voted in favor of leaving the European Union in a popular vote by a narrow margin in 2016. May is now trying to convince Parliament in London of a withdrawal agreement negotiated with Brussels. In the Brexit chaos in the United Kingdom are repeatedly calls for a new referendum.

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