Scandal In Egypt: Picture With Naked Couple On Cheops Pyramid

The Danish tourists are in the photo at- least suggested- to see sex.

Naked Couple On Cheops Pyramid

A nude photo with the world-famous Cheops pyramid of Giza causes outrage in Egypt: Antiquities Minister Chalid al-Anani announced in a statement to investigate the case. The General Prosecutor’s Office is entrusted with it, reported the state newspaper “Al-Ahram” on Friday.

On the photo, which has been circulating on the internet for several days now, a naked couple can be seen on the nearly 140-meter-high world wonder of antiquity when- at least hinted at- sex. To what extent the photo was reworked was unclear. Even a video spread viral. You can see how the Danish couple climb up the pyramid on the outskirts of the metropolis of Cairo in North Africa in the middle of the night. In social media in the Muslim-conservative country, there were a number indignant comments. “There was a scandal on the pyramid,” tweeted an angry user, for example.

Whether the couple is still in Egypt is unclear. The secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mustafa al-Wasiri, also told the newspaper “Al-Ahram” that it was being investigated whether the video was genuinely since or manipulated.

Again and again, tourists climb the Pyramid of Cheops without permission. Normally, however, the authorities leave it with a warning. The pyramid complex is closed at night and is also guarded. Users on the Internet speculated that the couple might have bribed the guards to gain entry.

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