Norway: Commission Of Inquiry To Clarify Cause Of Cruise Drama

Although all passengers and employees were brought to safety after a cruise ship from Norway was in distress, but for the investigators, the work begins.

Viking Cruise Ship

After the dramatic disaster of a cruise ship off the west coast of Norway, experts want to learn more about the cause. According to the Norwegian news agency, experts from Lloyd’s want to examine the ship to find out what had caused the problems of the “Viking Sky” over the weekend. The State Emergency Commission also wants to begin investigations.

The “Viking Sky” with 915 passengers and 458 crew members on board had been cruising along the Western Norwegian coast for more than a week. During a storm, she had been stranded on Saturday due to problems with the drive in a dangerous stretch of coast. Almost 500 passengers were brought by helicopter ashore.

The remaining nearly 900 people arrived in Molde on Sunday afternoon with the “Viking Sky” after they had made the ship with the help of smugglers and regained their own drive in the Norwegian small town southwest of Trondheim.

The passengers were relieved that the incident ended well. Waving happily, the remaining passengers entered the harbor of Molde by ship. From there, it should be for the cruise passengers – most of them Americans and British – to go home.

“You think of the worst when you’re in such an environment,” a London traveler told NRK about the experiences on board. Her husband added, “What a drama, but it’s over.”

In the meantime, the ship threatened to run aground in the notorious coastal area Hustadvika. There it has come more often to ship accidents. According to NRK data, 27 people had to be treated in hospitals by Sunday evening. In addition, several traumatized passengers were cared for by the Red Cross.

Another ship that had crashed in the Hustadvika, will probably be towed on Monday in the community Averöy. The anchored freighter “Hagland Captain” also suffered engine damage and was hit when he was on his way to the “Viking Sky” to help.

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