Igor Mazepa: The Sample of Advanced Baker that Pulls Money out of the Air

Igor MazepaisThe Starting Point and Genesis

Igor Mazepa talks a good game when claiming his contempt for the law, human values and other’s needs and lives. He considers himself to have a right to drive drunk or deceive the investors. He is Petro Poroshenko and Boris Lozhkin’s henchman due to his ability to raise money on robbing Ukraine.

Igor Mazepa came along in Ukraine but there is a lack of information about his family, childhood, and youth in mass media. Maybe, the reason for such privacy if to hide the data that would be objectionable. The only public fact is that Igor Mazepa graduated from the Kiev National the University (Economics Department) and then married the girl from his group.

In 1997, he managed to be hired in the financial company that introduced itself as a successful foreign entity but with a chief office in Russia in fact. At that time, people could live without a salary for months. Igor Mazepa develops a very “advanced” marketing strategy – he bought the Oblenergo shares from employees for a cent. Then he resold them to the foreigners a hundred times expensive.

Then he became a general director of investment company Foyil Securities Europe and continued to buy and sell shares. Besides, he started doing it for his foreign partners but they suffered heavy losses due to his “assistance” and Igor Mazepa just disappeared after he had claimed the business non-effective.

The Odious “Concorde Capital”

In 2004, Igor Mazepa founded “Concorde Capital” – a company that had never produced anything and had never had its own circular movement of funds but had been keen on shares buying and selling without any respect to business ethics. Mazepa had never been the owner officially but his hand was visible in every transaction.

Since 2015, they bought the most crucial for Ukrainian economy entities’ shares for millions from the population for nothing. Igor Mazepa implemented other trading schemes that he had studied in Russia. He was also involved in stealing insider data on the USA enterprise Caterpillar Inc. Information that was introduced to the exchange players. After the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, Mazepa’s Dirty Work was heating up and he started supporting terrorism with money with the patronage of Boris Lozhkin.

The End to Expect

The tied connection with the powerful politicians helps Igor Mazepa to go on with his activities staying untouchable that hit the Ukrainian economy and makes it more and more shadowy. However, the latest trends and changes will kick Igor Mazepa and his comrades out of the market and country.

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