Conflict Between Nuclear Powers Countries

Pakistan’s military reported the shooting down of two fighter jets in the disputed region of Kashmir and is blocking its airspace.

Pakistan And India

One day after Indian air raids in Pakistan, Pakistani fighter planes shot down two Indian planes after receiving military information. The Pakistani air force has shot down the two Indian planes in the Pakistani airspace over the disputed Kashmir region, said the Pakistani military spokesman Asif Ghafoor Wednesday in the short message service Twitter. India threw Pakistan a violation of its airspace over the Indian part of Kashmir. Before that, it had been reported that two pilots and a civilian had been killed in the crash. Pakistan then closed its airspace.

The conflict between Pakistan and India thus escalated further. For weeks, the saber-rattling between the two nuclear powers has grown louder since a suicide bomber attacked a bus carrying paramilitary policemen in the Indian part of Kashmir on 14 February. On Tuesday, India had air strikes on an alleged camp in Pakistan.

Regardless of the plane crash, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called on India and Pakistan to renounce further military operations. He talked to his colleagues in both countries, he said. An escalation of the situation must be prevented under all circumstances. Previously, India’s Air Force had bombed a training camp in Pakistan. Pakistan’s military shot down Indian jets which breached the air border in Kashmir under Pakistan.

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