Brexit Bill, Britain’s Parliament to take Final Move

Britain’s lower chamber of parliament is likely to hold final vote on Wednesday. This vote would decide whether Prime Minister Theresa May’s government can officially begin the Brexit process or not.
Brexit Bill, Britain's Parliament to take Final Move
Although House of Commons have already voted overwhelmingly in favor of the bill to start Britain’s distanced from the European Union in its tyro readings. Seven-hour long debate on amendments will precede the final vote, scheduled for 8 pm.
Main concern of members of parliament if the future trade relationship with European Union once country quit a free trade zone, a single union’s market.
One of the Labor’s member of parliament declared it as “take it or leave it vote as a con.”

Whereas, Prime Minister Theresa May said that, her government “would bring a forward motion that motion will be on the final agreement, it will be for approval by both houses of parliament, it will be before the final agreement is concluded,” as per reported in CNN.
Bill will be forwarded to upper chamber of parliament, House of Lords, if it pass in lower house of parliament. Either it will pass it too after holding several readings and debates on it or it will make amendments in this bill and send it back to lower house of parliament, House of Commons  for further debates and votes.

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