69 Dead At Fire Inferno In Bangladesh

In the capital of the Asian country Bangladesh, a fire broke out in a chemicals warehouse. Increase in victims is feared.

fire chemicals warehouse

In a major fire in the capital of Bangladesh, at least 69 people were killed and dozens more injured. That said the on-duty officer of the fire and civil defense, Kamrul Hasan. The rescue operation in Dhaka continue. An increasing number of victims are feared.

The fire broke out on Wednesday evening on the ground floor of a four-story building where chemicals were stored. After that, it spread to three neighboring houses. There was no official information about the cause of the fire in the old town of Dhaka.

The director-general for fire and civil defense, Ali Ahmed, said 41 injured people had been taken to the hospital. Around 200 helpers worked at the site of the accident to recover more bodies. After five hours, the fire was brought under control. The Dhaka police said the fire had spread so quickly because of the numerous chemical warehouses in the area. In the old town of Dhaka are numerous narrow streets.

The newspaper The Daily Star reported that the building was a warehouse for chemical products. The “Dhaka Tribune” quoted an eyewitness who owned a shop opposite the camp. Resaul Karim said that a gas cylinder exploded in front of the building. The fire had spread over power cables and led to the explosion of an electric transformer. The building with the chemicals was immediately on fire. Abdul Karim told the Daily Star that he was standing beside the building and suddenly heard a bang. It sounded like an explosion. Then flames came out of the building, he was hit by a piece of broken glass and got injured.

In 2010, more than 120 people died in a fire in a building that also contained chemicals in Dhaka. At that time it was publicly demanded as a consequence to move depots for chemical products from such areas – which did not seem to happen.

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