White House Locked Down After Nearby Shooting

The White House was placed on temporary lockdown after a shooting nearby, say US authorities. DC Fire and EMS tweeted that one person was taken to hospital with “critical injuries” after a shooting.

White House Lockdown

The gunfire was reported at the junction of 17th and E Streets in Washington DC, not far from the presidential mansion.

A uniformed Secret Service officer shot an armed person in the incident, a law enforcement official said.

White House officials say President Barack Obama, who was away playing golf at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, has been briefed on the situation.

Vice President Joe Biden was inside the presidential mansion at the time and he was reportedly taken to a secure location.

A White House official said: “No one within or associated with the White House was injured, and everyone in the White House is safe and accounted for.”

The White House press corps were ushered to the basement and told to shelter in place during the lockdown, which was later lifted.

Xul News congressional reporter Chad Pergram said there was no heightening of security across town at Capitol Hill.

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