US Presidency: Ex-Starbucks Boss Considering Candidacy

The longtime chief of the coffee house chain is preparing his candidacy for the presidency. Whether he really starts as an independent candidate, he wants to decide after a tour of the United States.

Howard Schultz

The longtime former Starbucks boss Howard Schultz aspires as an independent candidate to the US presidency. He has already begun preparations to participate in the election in all 50 states, said the 65-year-old ex-chief of the “New York Times” cafe chain on Sunday.

He plans to cross the country in the next three months before he really decides whether to take part in the race. “We have a broken political system in which both parties (Democrats and Republicans) are basically in business to preserve their own ideology, without recognition and responsibility to defend the interests of the American people,” said Schultz, describing himself Lifelong Democrats called.

The 65-year-old resigned as chairman last year at Starbucks. Since 1982 he worked for the café chain. After retiring, he said he was thinking about what he could do to be most useful to the future of the United States.

Independent candidates are unlikely to win the US election, as Republican and Democratic representatives make the election. But they can influence the outcome of the election by taking away votes from other candidates. In one year, the major party internal primaries begin in the US.

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