Trump Serves Football Players Fast Food Because Of Shutdowns

US President Donald Trump received a college football team in the White House. On silver trays, hamburgers from fast food chains McDonald’s and Wendy’s were served.

Fast Food For Football Players

Pizza, hamburgers and fries instead of fine snacks: Due to the budget freeze, US President Donald Trump has been hosting fast food for a university football team in the White House. “We ordered American fast food and I paid for it,” Trump said Monday before receiving the Clemson Tigers at his Washington office. “It’s because of the shutdown, as you know.”

“We have pizzas, we have 300 hamburgers, many, many fries, all our favorite food,” said Trump, who has a pronounced weakness for fast food. “I think they (the football players) will find that better than anything we could offer them.” He did not expect much food leftovers, the president joked before receiving the winners of the recent college football championship.

On silver trays, among others, hamburgers McDonald’s and Wendy’s fast food chains were served. Asked by journalists if he personally prefers McDonald’s or Wendy’s, the president said, “I like everything – if it’s American, I like it.”

The budget freeze, which has lasted for more than three weeks – the longest in US history – affects around 800,000 federal employees, including White House staff. Staff must continue to work without pay if their work is considered indispensable or have been sent on forced leave.

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