Trump Calls On Europe To Accept Captured IS Fighters

The US military campaign against the terrorist militia in Syria is drawing to a close.

Donald Trump Calls Allies

US President Donald Trump has called on European allies to take and convict hundreds of captured fighters of the Islamic State terrorist militia. Otherwise, the US would be forced to release the fighters, Trump tweeted Sunday night.

“The US is calling on Britain, France, Germany and other European allies to take back and bring to justice over 800 IS fighters captured in Syria,” Trump wrote. The caliphate is about to fall. “The alternative is not good because we’re forced to release them,” Trump tweeted in the first part of his message.

The United States would hate to see how this IS fighters in Europe to penetrate, as they wanted to go as expected there. “We do so much and spend so much,” wrote Trump in the second part. “Now is the time for others to come forward and do the job.” Finally, Trump confirmed the withdrawal of the US after a victory over the caliphate.

The day before, Europe had been asked to be more responsible in the conflict in the Middle East and to send troops to replace the departing US soldiers. There were on Saturday consultations to be continued, said US Vice President Mike Pence on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference. The allies and partners should take more responsibility. However, it is unlikely that countries like Germany will provide soldiers. The prerequisite is a UN mandate.

“We want to bring our soldiers home,” Pence said. “So we ask other nations to join in and provide the necessary resources, support and personnel to secure the area and prevent the (terrorist militia) IS or any other extremist organization from recovering or recapturing their territory.”

Trump had long ago announced his intention to withdraw the US troops from Syria, which triggered criticism and fears of a resurgence of the IS. A withdrawal would change the balance of power in the region.

Currently Kurdish fighters have reportedly surrounded the last remaining IS fighters in Baghus on the Euphrates in eastern Syria. The Jihadists were still in an area of ​​600 to 700 square meters, said Jija Furat, commander of the US- backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), on Saturday. Soon, “good news” could be announced.

The IS had reached the peak of its power in 2014. At that time, the jihadists controlled an area that stretched across much of Syria and Iraq. Meanwhile, IS supporters are also active in other countries, such as Libya or Afghanistan.

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