“Shutdown” Due To A Dispute Over Trump’s Wall

In the dispute over the financing of the planned by President Trump border wall to Mexico, it has come to a partial government shutdown in the United States.


US President Trump’s Republicans failed on Friday to obtain in the Senate the necessary votes from Democrats for the release of five billion dollars (4.38 billion euros) for the construction of a complete border wall to Mexico.

The money should be included in an interim budget, according to the will of Trump, which also ensures the financing of various authorities. Since the Trump rejected a budget compromise without these funds, went to midnight (local time US East Coast, 06.00 clock) numerous offices from the money. Now several government agencies have to limit their work to the essentials. However, three-quarters of the authorities can continue their work and their funding is secured until the end of September. Over the weekend, further negotiations are planned by Trump’s team and the top representatives in the congress in order to reach a solution before Christmas.

Trump blamed the Democrats for the government shutdown. “We can do nothing more because we rely on the votes of the demo cards,” it said in a video message via Twitter. Trump added that he hopes that the government’s stalemate will not last long. He had previously stated that if the Democrats vote No, there will be a shutdown that will last a very long time. Although the Republicans in the Senate have a narrow majority, but for the interim budget, they depend on votes of the Democrats. Those who rejected the wall.

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