President Trump’s Son-In-Law Could Serve As Adviser In White House

Reported by US Department of Justice that President Donald Trump can employ his son-in-law Jared Kushner, as a senior White house adviser without violating any federal anti-nepotism law.

President Trump’s Son-In-Law Could Serve As Adviser In White House

Earlier in January, The New York Times first reported this decision of hiring Son-In-Law of President Donald Trump. This decision was disclosed on department’s site on Saturday.

The office of White house counsel asked the stand on role of Kushner in Advisory board. Justice department replied with “The Justice Department said that if Trump chooses to officially hire Kushner and give him security clearance usually granted for White House staff, then conflict-of-interest laws would apply and Kushner would have to abide by their restrictions.”

Contract to this decision either it will violate federal anti-nepotism law or not, department office of legal counsel said on that, President has special power to hiring any relative to lead a federal agency. “Congress has not blocked, and most likely could not block, the president from seeking advice from family members in their personal capacities.” The department wrote in its 14-page opinion. a letter was posted on 20th of January on website of Justice Department office which bears these all details about this decision of employing son-in-law of Donald Trump into advisory council of senior officer.

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