Nancy Pelosi: The Most Powerful Woman In Washington?

The Democrats have officially nominated the 78-year-old party veteran as candidate for the House of Representatives. The youth party criticized the decision.


The Democrats have officially nominated 78-year-old Nancy Pelosi as a candidate for influential office as chairman of the US House of Representatives. In an internal party preselection on Wednesday Pelosi secured the support of her group, as several US media reported on Wednesday consistently. There was no other candidate.

The actual election in the House of Representatives is due in early January when the newly elected US Congress Chamber meets its first session. This will be the real test for Pelosi.

Pelosi was already chairman of the House of Representatives from 2007 to 2011 – as the first woman in the country’s history. It is the third highest political office in the US after the US president and his vice. In recent weeks, some Democrat MEPs have spoken out against renewing Pelosis’ candidacy, demanding that they make room for someone younger after more than 30 years in Congress and 16 years at the head of their group. But Pelosi reversed some critics and fended off a major revolt successfully.

In the election in January, Pelosi can only allow a few votes against from her own ranks. It needs 218 votes, the Democrats currently have a majority of 234 seats in the chamber. It could possibly be 235 seats, because the race for a seat is still undecided. The Americans had re- elected the House of Representatives in early November.

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