Jamar Clark Death: No Police Disciplinary Proceedings

Two police officers involved in the fatal shooting of a 24-year-old unarmed black man will not be disciplined, police in the US city Minneapolis say.

Jamar Clark

Police say an internal probe found the officers were justified in using force against Jamar Clark last November.

In March police said officers would not be charged over his death.

An attorney for Mr Clark’s family has said they are “anguished and frustrated” that the policemen will not face discipline proceedings.

Police involved in last November’s shooting said they were responding to an alleged assault by Mr Clark and that he tried to seize one of their weapons as they were doing so.

Mr Clark’s death came after a series of fatal US police shootings involving African-Americans.

Police said the suspect was not handcuffed and they were forced to shoot in self-defence. Their version of events has been supported by the Minnesota state Department of Criminal Apprehension.

But witnesses insisted he was handcuffed and did not struggle with the officers.

Minneapolis police chief Janee Harteau told a news conference on Friday that the two policemen did not violate any police policy and their use of deadly force was warranted.

“I have concluded these officers did not dictate the outcome of this incident. This was an outcome no one wanted,” she was quoted by the Minneapolis Star Tribune‎ as saying.

Ms Harteau said she could say “with absolute certainty” that she supported the actions of the two officers, who have been named in US media as Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze.

Mr Clark’s death triggered protests lasting several weeks, including an 18-day encampment around Minneapolis’ police precinct.

Pastor Danny Givens of Black Lives Matter Minneapolis was quoted by the Star Tribune as saying that Friday’s announcement was “another example of how this broken judicial system continues to fail black people”.

He said the decision “further perpetuates a culture of policing that says killing unarmed black men and women is OK”.

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