A Lost American In Obertauern

The 31-year-old lost his bearings during the descent from Seekarspitz in bad weather and was rescued by mountain rescuers from a steep gully. He had warmed himself with fire.

avalanche in obertauern

A snowboarder from the USA got lost on Monday in the Salzburg ski area of ​​Obertauern and then lit his snowboard for a warming campfire. The uninjured 31-year-old was brought by the mountain rescue in safe terrain. “He was extremely relieved when we found him since he had already finished his life,” described mountain rescuer Hannes Hutter.

The tourists had in the afternoon during the descent from Seekarspitz (2053 meters above sea level) in snowdrift and fog moved and was in very rough terrain in the other side of the valley in the direction Forstauwinkel-Vögeialm. Around 15.00 o’clock the mountain rescue, Obertauern was alerted. The 31-year-old could still pass his GPS coordinates. However, he was then no longer reachable on the phone, as the spokeswoman of the Salzburg Mountain Rescue, Maria Riedler, informed.

Because of the avalanche danger, the mountain rescuers from Obertauern had to stop their search on steep terrain. They alerted the town Radstadt at 4 pm. It should be tried from the head of the valley in Forstauwinkel to ascend to the man. “According to his GPS coordinates, he was in a steep gully at about 1700 meters above sea level,” said Hannes Hutter, the Radstadt area manager. “We climbed down the steep terrain with skis on, there was an avalanche danger, but we tried to find a reasonably safe ascent into the steep gully.”

At 7.30 pm, the stray was found unhurt. “He had not dared go on and used his snowboard as wood for a campfire,” said Hutter. After the mountain rescuers from Radstadt had brought the American out of the avalanche-prone slope, they drove him with a skidoo down to the valley and from there to his quarters in Obertauern. The use of helicopter teams was not possible because of the bad weather.

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