Tweet Length Extended To 10,000 Characters


Twitter has scrapped the 140 character limit on direct messages between users – and increased it to 10,000.Developers have been told of the change ahead of a planned roll-out to users in July.


The change does not extend to public tweets, which will still be capped at 140 characters.

The change marks the latest stage of Twitter’s move into the private messaging space – in which it is trying to take on the likes of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Those services have never restricted the length of messages.

In Twitter’s early days, text messages were used to deliver private messages, which is why the short character limit was implemented.

In April it announced that users would be able to receive direct messages from anyone.

Until recently it had only allowed people who follow each other to exchange messages privately.

As it struggles to grow its user base and profits – leading to Dick Costolo’s exit at chief executive – it is looking for new ways to get people to use the service regularly.

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