The Benefits Of Virtual PBX Canada

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Canadian businesses of all sizes are finding out about the multitude of benefits provided by VoIP. VoIP, which stands for ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’, is a communication system that uses your Internet connection to offer an exciting phone service. A popular VoIP option available for business is called Virtual PBX. Its popularity is due to it’s affordability and ease of setup. Virtual PBX Canada offers a telephony system that operates through an Internet downloadable program and is managed by an outside provider. A virtual PBX phone system helps businesses, especially small to medium sized ones, project a more professional image which will help to rapidly expand their business.

Virtual PBX providers

Virtual PX allows a small business to feature an advanced and extensive call center that is comparable to much larger companies. Other features included in a Virtual PBX are diverse calling routing, voicemail, caller id, conference or video calling etc. Many of these features would cost extra with a traditional phone service provider. Another aspect to consider is that a traditional phone system may not be able to grow with your business as upgrades or expansion have expensive price tags and downtime attached. This is not the case with a virtual PBX phone system, as scalability is simple and effective.

When your business is ready to consider opting for a virtual PBX phone system it is wise to be familiar with what services are available and how they work.

How Virtual PBX Works

To begin, PBX means private branch exchange, a telephony exchange that is dedicated to one business. Its purpose is to allow a business to manage its phone system in-house. Nowadays, a PBX system also connects computer modems, fax machines or any other tech that uses a phone line to transmit data. Since it’s inception, business already using VoIP wanted to incorporate the benefits of a PBX system but were hindered by the high cost of hardware and upkeep of an in-house system. This is where a hosted PBX, or Virtual PBX system, comes into play. Instead of the exchange being located in-house it is located at a service providers facility. With this system a business can utilize an extensive PBX system without having to spend on capital and staff to keep the system going.

Virtual PBX providers are able to offer services including messaging features, call waiting, caller-id, call forwarding and auto dialing. Integration of a computer opens upa whole new set of capabilities such as virtual call centers, crm software, advanced call routing and easy customization through an online user interface.

Virtual PBX Canada offers services that are ideal for small to medium sized business who have communication needs similar to much larger companies. The quality of service is great; with multiple redundancies built in to minimize downtime and security protocols are in place to protect your sensitive information. The biggest benefit of a hosted PBX system is cost effectiveness. Savings realized when switching to a virtual system, are in the range of 30% when compared with comparable plans from traditional telephony providers. This is because there is no infrastructure costs or paying for staff to maintain the system. Virtual PBX systems are inherently easy to use because the control interface of your system is located on your service providers secure servers and is easily accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. From the control interface you are able to manage your lines, adding or deleting connections, set up voicemail in seconds. If your business is forced to move, the system has no physical PBX hardware to move and no phone numbers to change. Unifying your voice and data into one system allows for a streamlined operation and cost savings. Virtual PBX systems also incorporate software to monitor call data to assist in budgeting and management.

Some considerations to take into account are what your businesses data usage levels are, as knowing this information will ensure your business purchases a suitable plan. Even if you are unsure, there is no need to worry as sales staff at any Canadian provider are knowledgeable and can steer you in the right direction. Another bonus is that a virtual PBX system is easily scalable and can grow with your business at the click of a mouse.

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