The Beauty of Pondicherry

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Pondicherry is the land of the good life!A French colony in the midst of the Tamil heartland has many surprises and experiences hidden up its sleeves. A traveller’s delight, Pondicherry is moulded with an extensive history that includes the Dutch, Portugese, British & French. Today, this town is a popular destination to relax, explore and go back in time. The local bazaars or marketplaces are centres of energy and activity. Exquisite architecture, foreign influences and local traditions all come together to make for an experience that is unique and splendid in many ways. While in Pondicherry, there are a few must-visits, without which your trip would be an incomplete one.

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple 

A 400-year old temple adorned with intricate wall paintings is a dedication to Lord Ganesha. There is also a temple elephant that will bless you with its majestic trunk. The temples of Pondicherry go back a long way in time, some of them as far as 600AD. A visit to these temples will acquaint you with exotic stories of Indian mythology and religion.

Goubert Avenue 

The sea front promenade in Pondicherry is serene and makes for a pleasant evening walk. Flanked by colonial architecture, a sunset view from this avenue is not to be missed. Not too far away is the pristine Paradise Beach – one that lives up to its name!

Puducherry Museum 

Relive the times gone by as you make a visit to the Puducherry Museum. Old colonial furniture, sculptures and relics will appeal to your sense of aesthetics and design. There are also some archeological findings from Arikamedu settlement – an interesting arrangement of vintage pieces.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram 

Tap in to your spiritual side with a visit to the Aurobindo Centre. A one of its kind institution, the Ashram hosts interesting exhibitions and teachings of Sri Aurobindo – a revered and celebrated Guru in the world of spirituality. The Matri Mandir, that lies in the vicinity of the ashram is also an interesting visit.


Treat your senses to some adventure at the Kallialay Surf School in Tandriankuppam. There is also an array of watersports one can indulge in to enjoy the beautiful waters of this town. You can watch eels, fish and sea snakes swim by as you indulge in some scuba diving!


While in Pondicherry, be sure to visit Auroville – a small village that is supported by arts and crafts. Every product is manufactured with no compromise on the environment. From paper to cloth to incense sticks, every product is quality redefined.

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