‘Genuine Progress’ Made In Iran Nuclear Talks


Talks to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran in return for lifting economic sanctions are said to be close to an agreement.Six world powers, including the UK, US and Russia, have been meeting in Vienna and the White House said “genuine progress” has been made.

Made In Iran Nuclear Talks

Spokesman Josh Earnest added: “There continues to be some sticking points that remain unresolved.

“Typically, some of the most difficult issues are the ones that get kicked to the end, and that’s why the President is going to resist any effort to sort of fast-forward through the closing here.”

The draft nuclear deal calls for UN inspectors to have access to all suspect Iranian sites based on consultations between the powers and Tehran.

If the deal is accepted a UN Security Council resolution could be adopted later this month with a relaxing of sanctions following in the first six months of 2016.

The details, which are still being negotiated, are broadly in line with an interim agreement clinched on 2 April in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Diplomats could approve a final version of the draft document as early as today.The plan agreed by the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran is believed to include one visit to the Parchin military site as well as possible interviews with Iranian nuclear scientists.

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