Five Soldiers Killed In French Alps Avalanche


Five French Foreign Legionnaires have been killed in an avalanche while on a training exercise in the Alps. The soldiers were undertaking an exercise off-piste in the Valfrejus resort in the Savoie region at the time, close to the Italian border.

Five Soldiers Killed In French

Six others in the group of about 50 were injured in the snowfall which happened at about 2,000m (6,500ft), officials said.

French legislature member Julien Aubert said the group was a mixture of veterans and new soldiers.

Three helicopters were involved in the operation to rescue those caught in the avalanche.

The nationalities of the victims are not yet known.

The French Foreign Legion attracts recruits from around the world.

Julien Noel, director of the ski area, said the location where the avalanche hit is not known as particularly dangerous.

The deaths come just days after three people, including two students, were killed when a school group skiing off-piste in the Alps was swept away.

The avalanche risk has been high in the region, as a result of fresh snowfalls in recent days.

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