Doha, Qatar, the new cultural capital of the Middle East?

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Qatar’s capital city has a scenic crescent bay at the entrance of the city that has a skyline full of towering skyscrapers. The quaint Gulf emirate of Qatar, which early on was just a place that travelers did not give a second glance is now fast emerging as a cultural center rich with Middle Eastern Heritage.

Doha, QatarSkyscrapers and Architectural Developments in Doha

With the introduction of prolific museums, libraries and swanky shopping malls; Doha is soon to stand shoulder to shoulder with Dubai. The newly built shopping malls and lavish hotels flourish in the city that is now quite a popular tourist attraction. Vacationers often opt to rent a car and casually tour the souqs and museums that hold a lot of charm along with the opulent sojourn and shopping options available.

Museums and Art Galleries

The city proffers tourists with a wide array of museums specializing in various kinds of interesting art works. Off the shore of the Arabian Gulf lies a man-made island that has a fabulous structure built on it. This is none other than the Museum of Islamic Art that is indeed a sight to see as it towers over crystal clear waters. Designed by I. M. Pei, the building is not the only major art museum in Doha.

The Al Markhiya is another from the spate of poplar cultural establishments that have graced the city’s skyline. Showcasing art crafted by young local artists, photographers and sculptors; it is a pulsating place for dynamic contemporary art in Doha.

Heritage and Cultural Centers

Since the illustrious Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, has been keen on transforming Doha into the new artistic nucleus of the Middle East; a lot of theaters and concert halls have sprung up. The Katara cultural village is one place that brings you all of this, as it houses several theaters, performance halls and galleries. The ultimate icon of multiculturalism and creative trade in Qatar’s capital city is a must-visit for travelers.

They can experience everything from prose and poetry to visual arts and music at the center. Katara also has quite a few film viewings that stand to contest the set edifying norms and restrictions of the Middle East that adds to its appeal.

Qatar’s capital city has seen unparalleled development that enables it to step out of the shadows, and be known as a must-visit tourist locale and emerging cultural hub; not just an oil-rich emirate.

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