Checking Out the Person You Are Dating: 4 Things to Consider

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Today when it comes to dating, it is important to make use of all the available resources to check out the person you are dating and ensure that he or she is honest.  Some of the things to consider include whether he or she is married or divorced, if they are co-habiting with somebody, if they have a fixed home or not and many other things that would be red-flags to the relationship.

Checking Out the Person You Are Dating

It is also important to check if the person has any aliases, if he or she has been convicted or has a criminal offence and finally, if he or she is a financial risk. This includes checking the person’s insolvency status, bankruptcy and the person’s debt status so as to ensure that he or she is not just looking to take advantage of the person they are dating. There are too many stories of exploitation by someone that one is dating.

If you are dating someone from the online world, you really cannot rely on the dating profiles that have been designed to amplify, enrich and elevate the brand of the person. Tempting though they may be, you can’t trust these profiles as the truth. You need to be savvier if you are dating online so that you can check out people who you are dating online.

What You Should Look Into

  1. Criminal Records. You need to make sure that you carry out a people search for the person that you are dating whether you were set up by good friends or met online. Find out about their criminal history, find out about any traffic offences, felonies or misdemeanors they may have been convicted or uncover any police records about the person. It is also possible to find out if they were arrested and the charges dropped.
  2. Sexual Offences. If you have children and are dating someone new, you want to make sure that they are protected from anyone who would get close to you in order to have access to your children. By carrying out a search on the person you are dating, you can find out if they have any sexual offenses in their past, which could be a red flag.
  3. Financial Fraud. It is common these days to hear of someone who marries a person for their money. Finding out if the person has gone through bankruptcy, their credit history and if they have been involved in any kind of financial fraud can help save you such heartache and financial losses in the future.
  4. Dating a Deceiver. When you are in love, one tends to only want to know the good things about the person they are dating. However, a little search can tell you whether the person is married or divorced and whether he or she has been honest about his or her marital status. You want to find out their real age, and make sure that you are not dating someone who already has another life with someone else.

By carrying out a search on the person you are dating, you will also be able to know if they can hold a steady job among other important details about the person that could affect you should you commit to a relationship with him or her. It is important to note that many people who have been convicted struggle with getting employment especially since their record tends to be public. Never settle for turning a blind eye especially if you have cause for suspicion. Look into the person’s background so that you know for sure that he or she is who they say they are, and you can have a good idea of the kind of person you are hoping to settle down with in life.

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