5 Things You Can Do in Not So Perfect Weather

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If bad weather has you stuck indoors, you can still have a great time during your holiday break or weekend—without burying yourself in Netflix. Here are some things that you can do when the weather has you stuck indoors.


  1. Ditch the SmartPhone for Some Crafts and Games: With the holiday season coming up, there are thousands of simple crafts and games that are sure to get you in the mood for the holiday season. Even if you think it’s a bit early to break out the Christmas carols, you can have a great time doing simple craft projects to decorate your home. You can check the weather radar for a break in rain or snow if you need to run out and get supplies for a specific project.
  2. Make S’mores and Snow Angels: You can check your local weather radar for upcoming snow and plan to make snow angels. Make sure to dress warmly and have hot chocolate and s’mores nearby.
  3. Curl Up With A Book: Whether you’re craving some “me time” or want to get your whole family to read more, bad weather is the perfect time to curl up with a treat and a good book.
  4. Take Your Exercise Indoors: Just because the weather radar says you should stay indoors, doesn’t mean that you can skip all workouts. YouTube is a great resource for quick, new workouts that you can experiment with. You may even find something to incorporate into your regular routine.
  5. Work On A Skill: Whether its sewing, playing an instrument, or writing, bad weather is the perfect time to work on that skill that you’ve wanted to obtain. Picking up new skills is fun and will keep your mind fresh. Plus, you get the satisfaction of getting something done.

Not-so-perfect weather doesn’t need to ruin your day. While there’s nothing wrong with going on a movie binge during a storm, there are also plenty of other fun things you can enjoy and accomplish.

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