The LG G8 ThinQ May Swap Out An Earpiece For Another Camera, Leaks Suggest

LG G8 ThinQ renders are popping up in multiple places on the internet, complete with a splashy indigo wallpaper. It looks similar to the G7 but with one significant difference: the earpiece is missing.

LG G8 ThinQ

Like the G7, there’s a notch, a headphone jack, and a slight chin at the bottom. Unlike the G7, the G8 appears to have horizontally aligned dual rear cameras rather than vertically aligned ones. Instead of the earpiece, LG’s G8 uses the extra space for another selfie camera (rather than, say, doing away with the notch).

Overall, the G8, according to these renders, is missing a lot of the innovative features we’re seeing in other flagship phones: in-display fingerprint readers, alternatives to the notch like a hole punch cutout, and other new ways to design a screen.

The phone is supposed to vibrate its display in order to produce sound instead of using an earpiece, an anonymous source told @Onleaks. Both Xiaomi and Sharp have attempted to use similar technology in 2014and 2016, with less than optimal results. The LG G8 ThinQ could fare better than its predecessors given that we’re now in 2019, but it’s still unclear how good the sound quality will be from screen vibrations. So far, LG’s head of global communications for consumer electronics Ken Hong has tweeted a denial of earlier, similar-looking renders, saying that they’re not real. We’re expecting to learn more at Mobile World Congress.

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