The Best Fitness Tech Gadgets For The New Year

The new year is nearly upon us, and for many people, bold resolutions to get in shape and live healthier are here right along with it. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions are infamous for quickly running out of steam. There are many reasons why people fall short of their goals, but often it is due to not having a solid plan or the necessary tools to make it work. For people determined to focus on health and wellness, a smartwatch or fitness tracker may be just the accessory to transform a resolution into a new lifestyle.

Tech Gadgets

The data analysts at SpecOut, a consumer tech research site powered by Graphiq, compiled a list of the hottest smartwatches currently on the market. The smartwatches were chosen by a combination of factors, including their Smart Rating, which is a score out of 100 that makes it easy to identify the best products at a glance. The score is based on the watch’s technical specifications, such as wireless connectivity and average battery life, as well as its overview and features, such as notifications and water resistance.

Aside from Smart Rating, an expert reviewer from publications like CNET, PC Mag, and Laptop Mag had to give each smartwatch a rating of at least three (out of five) in order for it to be included on the list. It is important to note that while Apple products are heavily featured, they are only included in one size. Here is the list of the top smartwatches and fitness watches. We’ll start with the 25 best smartwatches, then reveal the top 25 fitness trackers. Happy shopping and good luck getting (and staying) healthy in 2017.

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