Samsung Unveiled A 5g Phone But It Has A Long Way To Go

Samsung announced on Wednesday its first ever 5G smartphone: the Galaxy S10 5G. It’s the first device able to run on uber-fast 5G wireless networks.

Samsung Unveiled A 5g

The phone will be available in 2019’s second quarter for Verizon customers for an unknown price, and will come to other wireless carriers later this summer.

While the phone is a major step in the rollout of 5G, the network itself is still not widespread enough to revolutionize mobile connections.

Samsung is getting the jump on Apple, which is not expected to have a 5G iPhone until the final quarter of 2020, he added.

The race to bring customers 5G technology has seen several developments, including fixed wireless 5G, which works in homes similar to broadband internet, and 5G wireless hotspots that converts airwaves into Wi-Fi.

However, there’s yet to be a phone available to US customers that can operate independently on 5G. The transition from 4G to 5G networks won’t be widespread until 2020, and will involve infrastructure upgrades that cost billions of dollars.

“Cellular waves needed for 5G do not travel as far as with 4G and 3G, and it will take time for carriers to build a sufficiently dense network of infrastructure,” said Ben Stanton, a senior analyst at market research firm Canalys.

Experts argue Samsung’s device is an important part of the evolution to 5G because it will help carriers test their service. It will also lay the groundwork for future generations of 5G handsets.

5G is currently available in a handful of US cities from different carriers. Verizon offers the technology in Sacramento, Calif., Los Angeles, Houston and Indianapolis. AT&T, CNN’s parent company, offers it in over a dozen cities. Sprint and T-Mobile, which are planning to merge later this year, also have their sights set on rolling out 5G coverage in 2019.

5G’s potential has been touted by both carriers and manufacturers as a major breakthrough in mobile technology.

“With 5G promising enhanced broadband speed connectivity and services, users will also be introduced to new, unique, and innovative ways to interact with their devices,” said Daniel McQueen from ABI Research.

He said mobile services providers in Asia are leading the pack for granting access to 5G. Western Europe is also outperforming North America when it comes to 5G access.

5G may still be nascent but it’s clear Samsung wants to establish itself as a leader in the space.

“A foothold at the beginning of 5G deployment will be important to Samsung’s brand and being part of the 5G journey with the carriers,” Wood of Canalys said. “It can learn as much as possible about this new technology and make continuous improvements with iterative devices.”

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