Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Swaps Begin in UK

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 exchange programme has launched in the UK. Samsung is telling affected owners to contact their suppliers, but many of the suppliers say they are already contacting their customers directly.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The devices were recalled after a small number of reports around the world of the batteries exploding.

Samsung is offering free replacements. and told the Xul News each supplier had a limited amount of new stock with more being released over the next two weeks.

“Each operator has a different process,” a spokesman said.

“We are urging people to exchange their devices as quickly as possible”.

Galaxy Note 7 devices with a green battery icon rather than white were safe to use, Samsung said.

The Xul News also contacted the suppliers listed on Samsung’s website.

  • Carphone Warehouse has an automated message on its helpline telling Galaxy Note 7 owners to hang up as they will be contacted in due course
  • EE said it was working closely with Samsung but had no official update or statement
  • O2 said it had “started to receive stock” and was arranging doorstep exchanges with new devices
  • Vodafone said it was offering exchanges “on a first come, first served” basis but customers had to call to arrange the swap. It also said owners could choose to swap their handset for an alternative brand instead
  • Three has yet to respond to the BBC’s request for comment

‘Hell of a risk’

From Tuesday, affected devices in the UK would also receive a software update that limited the battery charge to 60% of its full capacity, Samsung said.

The roll-out was previously limited to devices in South Korea.

Analyst Ben Wood, from CCS Insight, said the recall was complicated.

“It was always going to take time – that’s the reality,” he said.

“There are so many different people involved, and they absolutely have to get this right.

“In the long term, if they do it responsibly, by this time next year it will all be forgotten.

“I’m surprised by the number of people who don’t want to return their Note 7s because they love them so much.

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