Make Your MacBook Stand out from the Crowd

Straight out of the box, your MacBook looks amazing. With sleek, minimalist lines combined with smooth, unblemished planes, its slim, grey body is the embodiment of cool. What’s even better is that underneath it all, it isn’t just a good looking computer. Like every Apple product, it’s known for some impressive hardware including but not limited to a lightning fast processor. It’s why you bought it, and why you’re planning on taking it everywhere. From the office to home and everywhere in between, your Mac is going to see as much of the world as you do – which means, it’ll be far away from its protective box and close to everyday dangers that could threaten its good looks and functionality.

MacBookReal life is going to come with a few scratches, scuffs, and gouges. In the worst case scenario, it will also involve a few drops that could put dents in your precious gadget. You’ve heard about the people who crack their screen or scrape a huge mark along the top of their laptop. Sometimes this happens within the first week of having it! You don’t want to be like those people, used as a cautionary tale about the safety of their computer. Make sure your Mac maintains its style and processing power with a vinyl skin.

There isn’t much mystery behind a skin. Like your own skin (which protects the insides of your body), a MacBook skin is a thin yet incredibly strong layer that’s affixed to the chassis and trackpad of your laptop. It fits the Mac completely and creates an airtight seal between it and the dangers of the outside world. Just like your epidermis fits around your body and protects it from sharp objects and rough surfaces, the MacBook skin covers the hardware like it was designed by Apple to keep it safe from damages.

But let’s stop with this comparison to skin. After all, you can’t safely remove yours whenever you want an update. MacBooks skins, on the other hand, are easily removed. They leave behind no sticky residue, so you can apply another one in a different colour. And there are plenty to choose from especially when you look towards versatile manufacturers dedicated to design like dbrand. You can customize a MacBook with skins from dbrand according to your preferences, choosing pink carbon fibre for your days at home and a sophisticated mahogany for when you need to impress a new client. Get one to start with and add more as your style evolves.

But remember, this is only possible if you get the right kind of vinyl produced by the best manufacturer. 3M vinyl made by a committed company can attain an unbeatable level of accuracy. Only those cut with precision down to the micro-millimetre can create an effective barrier without interfering with any of its ports or its Force Touch Trackpad.

With a MacBook skin that fits and looks great, you can bring your latest computer with you wherever you go without the worry of something destroying its good looks or functionality. Go with 3M vinyl and protect everything that drew you to the Mac in the first place.

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