How Can I Restore Permanently Deleted Files?

Did you ever accidentally deleted a file or folder on your computer or any other storage device, including USB device, camera card, pen drive, laptop, smartphone, memory card, or any other device. And now you need your data back and want to recover it. But you did not find any solution, so I am going to introduce you the best recovery software, which is able to recover deleted files back.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful recovery tool, which is compatible for both Windows and Mac platform. It is the best data recovery program that recovers deleted, formatted or lost files and folders easily and quickly. It can also retrieve data back from internal and external drives and also able to do USB recovery, recycle bin recovery, and recover after formatting or system crash or more.

EaseUS free data recovery software is very easy to download and only takes just few minutes in installation process. If you want to recover your lost data so the very first step is installing the program. I did not have any issue while installing it.

How To Use EaseUS Data Recovery Software
  • When you install the program on your computer and laptop, select a location where you lost or deleted your important files and folders to start finding data.
  • When you find the location, select it and click the scan button to start searching. The program will show you a process bar displaying the status of the recovery after the process bar is the estimated remaining time. The first scan will start and it will be very quick. When the quick scan has completed, the deep scan will automatically start, which will take much longer time as compared to the first scan. The deep scan will find more lost files and data.
  • When both scan has finished, the program will provides you a preview list of recoverable files. So you can preview and targeted that file which you want to recover and then click the Recover button.
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