Eurosatory 2018: Huge Wheeled Military Atv Swims And Surprises

Gigantic self-inflating tires turn this bulletproof combat all-terrain vehicle into a tiny tank that floats and swims. Sure, it may look like a whole lot of fun and a must-have adult version of Big Wheels, but this eye-catching ATV, dubbed the SHERP, also delivers amazing off-road performance on the toughest of terrains like slick ice and steep rocky inclines

The SHERP 2018


It has mammoth wheels, but what else?

About 11 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet high, this ATV has a roomy cabin in the basic model that can fit about two warfighters.

The ride will feel like an ATV, but it isn’t open top. In fact, it is even designed for two beds in back which could be very handy for a recon team out scouting in advance of troops, for example. Handy, and a comfier bed than dirt.


Maximum speed is approximately 25 mph, even when tackling tough terrain. One of the many advantages of military ATVs like the Polaris Defense MRZR is that they are air transportable. SHERP is similarly compact so it could potentially be rapidly transported by air over long distances and deposited to handle mission specific objectives.

The standard SHERP is powered by the Japanese Kubota engine and runs on diesel. It has a 5-speed manual transmission. The 1.5L 4-cylinder gets about 44 horsepower, but around 88 ft-lbs of torque.


With STREIT armor, this ATV could provide opportunities for access to hard-to-reach places while inside a fortress. SHERP may also be able to provide access for missions requiring both ice and water transport- in one vehicle.

Like all ATVs for combat, the SHERP has been tested against steep inclines. This model can handle inclines of 35 degrees.


Ice is not exactly known for traction and can be extremely tough. When slick with water on the surface, it can be especially tricky.

But SHERP is not bothered. This fella will roll right off the ice into the water as if it the ice were asphalt. And then clamber back out of the water onto ice again seemingly effortlessly on such a slick surface.


Why doesn’t it sink when it hits the water? The tires automatically inflate, transforming into floating devices so powerful they float the vehicle.

The SHERP doesn’t just float on the water – it swims and at speeds of nearly 6 mph.

The tires become ATV ‘swimmies’ and the paddle-like treads help propel the vehicle forward.

When SHERP hits solid terrain, the floating devices transform back to tires automatically and the ATV continues to roll without any sort of change out or stopping.


Imagine an ATV that also swims – and with state-of-the-art, maximum armor. It would be part tiny, floating tank and part ATV ride like those enjoyed all around America- but bullet and bomb proof.

With those enormous goofy looking wheels and the off-roading and swimming, it looks like irresistible fun but … it just can’t help itself, this little fella is already a show stealer this week.

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