Essential Tips for Avoiding Scams When Buying Digital Cameras Online

Consumer advocates have long warned against various scams and duplicitous deals when buying cameras online. The camera scamming reached unprecedented heights in the years of 2006 and 2007. During the early years of the 2000s, online sales scams were quite prominent. While the issue has winded down in this decade, scams for popular gadgets like digital cameras still exist across various websites. Here is a list of brief suggestions on what consumers can do to protect themselves:

Buying Digital Cameras Online

Understand the Real Price of the Camera

If a digital camera is advertised for a price that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It can be difficult to spot these low-price schemes on websites overflowing with various discounts and deals. The best method, as advised by consumer advocates, is to know the original retail price of the camera. It should be listed on the manufacturer’s official website. It’s strongly advised for consumers to compare prices across various websites, especially popular sites like Amazon. Consumers can get better ideas about pricing by reading how to choose camera guides. The price being advertised by the seller should be roughly the same as the original retail price for a new product.

Purchase from Reputable Websites

To get the best prices and to avoid falling victim to counterfeit items, purchase digital cameras from reputable websites like Amazon and eBay. Always check the seller’s name. If the product is being peddled by a third party, read reviews and ratings for this party. Purchasing from local sellers is considered a safe bet. Instead of buying from foreign sellers, check the local classifieds for free posted in newspapers and websites for digital cameras. Buyers can meet local sellers, which largely eliminates the chance of getting scammed or ending up with a defective product.

Avoid Bundle Deals

Consumers are strongly advised against buying digital cameras with bundle deals. Such deals tend to be more deceptive than singular sales. Bundle deals even on popular sites like Amazon are not always what they seem to be. Some sellers combine low-quality accessories with standard digital cameras to give the impression to the buyer that they are paying slightly extra than the original retail price of the camera for something more. Often the actual value of the accompanying accessories is so negligible it doesn’t justify the bundle “deal” price. Consumers are advised to check the brands of the accessories on offer. If the accessories are generic, move on and find a better listing.

Read the Fine Print of the Warranty

Sellers can also deceive buyers by offering digital camera warranties that do not actually exist. Warranties for repairs or replacements of cameras are always offered by the manufacturer, not the retailer. The warranty, if any, on offer, must be from the manufacturer to be of any value. Otherwise, the seller must specify in the fine print of the warranty contract to replace or repair the camera themselves.

It’s also strongly recommended to read other customer reviews for products to spot defective, low-quality or outright deceptive deals. Customer reviews often contain valuable details about communication and transactions with the seller that will indicate if they are actually legitimate as claimed.

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