3 Questions to Ask When Getting Vehicle Wraps for your Fleet

If you’re thinking of using vehicle wraps to turn your business’s fleet of vehicles — we’re talking cars, vans, trucks, RVs, and yes, even golf carts — into a lean and effective mobile advertising armada, then you’re (no pun intended) headed down the right road.

Getting Vehicle Wraps for your Fleet

That’s because according to research by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), vehicle wraps reach more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) than any other form of out-of-home advertising. Plus, vehicle wraps help protect underlying paint from scratches, nicks, dings and punishing UV rays, which adds to asset longevity and value (which while perhaps not a huge deal for marketing and advertising executives, certainly makes CFOs happy).

However, while vehicle wraps can be remarkably cost-effective ways to boost brand visibility, choosing the right company to design and install them can be challenging. Just as any other industry, there are professionals who know what they’re doing — and there are amateurs who don’t.

To ensure that you connect with the former and steer clear of the latter, here are three critically important questions to ask before you hand over the keys to your fleet, not after:

  1. How much experience do you have?

If you get a vague, confusing or just plain non-answer to this question (i.e. “well, it’s funny you should ask that, I once heard an interesting story about experience…”), then head for the exit. What you’re looking for here is several years of proven professional experience. This doesn’t mean installing vehicle wraps for friends and family. It means serving sophisticated business customers who have hundreds of thousands — or sometimes millions — of dollars invested in their fleet.

  1. What vinyl manufacturers do you use and recommend?

What you want to hear are top-end names like 3M and Avery. Any company that tries to push an inferior brand on you isn’t trying to save you money, regardless of what they proclaim. Rather, they are trying to increase their profit margin at your expense.

  1. Where will you install our vehicle wraps?

Anyone who has tried — and almost certainly — failed to install a DIY car wrap knows that even the smallest speck of dust or smudge of oil residue can damage the finished product, and lead to bubbling, peeling, and other unsightly consequences. You want to know that your vehicle wraps will be installed in a specialized facility that, among other things, is designed to be dust-free (and we’re not talking Pledge cans and dusters here, we’re talking hospital-grade cleanliness).

The Bottom Line

Investing in graphics for cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles in your fleet is a smart and strategic investment that boosts brand visibility, adds new customers, and increases profits. The tips noted above will help you connect with a vehicle wrap company that will be rewarding to deal with — not regrettable.

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