Why you shouldn’t drink before driving a car

It is well-known that a lot of people are involved in alcohol-related car crashes. According to the statistical data, three out of ten people can be a part of this dangerous mix of driving and drinking at least once in their lives. During decades a large amount of money was spent in order to prevent “drunk driving”: rising of legal drinking age, the introduction of penalties, decreasing of the possible amount of alcohol in blood, rising of prices on alcoholic drinks, etc. In addition, there are a lot of lawyer companies such as TorontoDUI.com that can help the person who was stopped by the traffic police and accused of taking alcohol or drugs. Although some research show that people drink and drive less than in the previous century, there is still a large percentage of deaths caused by alcohol-related crashes. As a consequence, it is a hitherto open question whether drinking and driving is a relevant problem.

Why you shouldn’t drink before driving a car

Generally, it does not matter whether the driver is man or woman, young or old, but it goes without saying that the risk of the car crash is higher if the driver is drunk. Some of these people could be injured and end up in hospital after collision, but some of them could die. Driving and drinking keeps destroying people lives and families.

It should be mentioned that the majority of people do not consider alcohol to be a dangerous drug that can cause serious problems and lead to disastrous consequences. As a matter of fact, people do not understand the process of intoxication; they have no idea how alcohol affects their body. The one should remember that even a little dose of alcohol can throw into confusion and destroy the ability to concentrate on two things at the same time. Alcohol influences the central nervous system and deteriorates reaction. It gives a special feeling of happiness and relaxation, but simultaneously it makes all the functions of the body work slower.  For young drivers, who have not experienced alcoholic drinks before, everything can end in disaster.

The influence of alcohol on the ability to drive the car:

• Decreased reaction speed and coordination level• Reduced ability to control the speed, distance and location of the car relatively to the other drivers on the road.

• Decreased ability to follow the rules and speed limits in case of occurrence of a non-standard situation on the road.

• Alcohol can change the driving style. A person does not admit that he/she had too many alcoholic drinks and gets angry if somebody does not let him/her drive in intoxicated state. Consequently, a person becomes aggressive and careless.

• A person becomes more self-confident that can lead to reckless decisions.

Despite of the fact that the number of alcohol-related car crashes is getting smaller, it is still a serious problem that leads to death a lot of people every year. People simply do not know the outcomes of consuming alcohol beverages, which have really devastating effects and influence not only physical state of the person, but mental health as well. Nevertheless, even if you got into trouble being stopped by the traffic police, it is worth thinking about finding good drinking and driving lawyers to represent you in a court.

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