Tons Of Oil Spilled Off At The French Atlantic Coast

A freighter, who came from Hamburg and sailed under the Italian flag, had caught fire and sunk. The ship had dangerous goods on board.

Oil Spilled From Cargo Ship

After the sinking of the container ship “Grande America” off the French Atlantic coast, a kilometer-long oil spill has formed. A special ship to combat marine pollution is expected on Thursday in the morning said the responsible Marine Prefecture on Wednesday evening in Brest. The European Maritime Safety Agency was also involved.

The oil spill is about ten kilometers long and a little over a kilometer wide reported the prefecture. The sea was very agitated, waves reached a height of up to six meters.

The freighter coming from Hamburg and flying the Italian flag had caught fire and sunk in the Bay of Biscay about 330 kilometers from the French coast on Tuesday.

The ship had dangerous goods on board. The contents of 45 containers are classified as dangerous, the Marine Prefecture had previously communicated. In addition, the “Grande America” had about 2200 tons of heavy oil on board, as the station Franceinfo reported.

The 214-meter-long ship, which also carried around 2,000 vehicles, had recently had a strong list. Environment Minister François de Rugy warned after the disaster of possible marine pollution.

According to the prefecture, 27 people were on board the ship, they were rescued by the British warship “HMS Argyll”. The ship was on its way to Casablanca in Morocco.

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