What Will a DUI Lawyer Do For You?

Being charged with driving under the influence or any type of impaired driving is nothing to take lightly. If you are convicted, the event can have far-reaching effects on your life. Your best bet is to seek out the services of one of the Burlington DUI lawyers as quickly as possible. Here is what the lawyer will do on your behalf.

DUI Lawyer

Evaluating the Specifics of Your Case

One of the first things the lawyer will do is gather information about your case. Along with talking with you, that will also involve having a word with anyone who was with you at the time of the arrest. The goal is to develop a good idea of how the event proceeded, including what each party involved said and did.

Looking Over the Official Reports

When an arrest takes place, the officers involved file documents that served as official reports surrounding the incident. This is important because the details in those reports provide confirmation that the officers acted in full compliance with current laws. Your lawyer will go over those reports and ensure that no matter of law was overlooked in terms of having a reason to approach you in the first place, respect for your civil rights, and following the proper procedure for making the arrest and bringing you to the police station.

If the lawyer does come across any details that are questionable, that could raise some issues about the legality of the arrest. Should that be the case, there may be grounds to have the matter thrown out of court. At the very least, those omissions would be something the lawyer would want to bring out when the case is placed before a judge.

Discussing Defense Options With the Client

After getting a clear picture of all the facts surrounding the arrest, expect the lawyer to sit down with you and discuss different ways to proceed. Depending on any past record you may have and the specifics of the current situation, one of those options is likely to be a better choice. Even so, the lawyer will want to make sure you understand all options open to you and what sort of outcome each choice is likely to produce.

At all times, DUI lawyers in Guelph stress to clients that they have the final say in what sort of defense is mounted. After your lawyer discusses different approaches with you and all of your questions are answered, it’s up to you to decide what happens next. Based on which approach you settle on, the lawyer will prepare a defense that includes the use of every legal means possible to secure the best possible outcome.

Never assume that being arrested and convicted for driving under the influence is nothing more than a temporary inconvenience. Your life will be impacted directly immediately by those charges and continue to be influenced for quite a few years to come. Seek the services of a lawyer who can help you grasp the gravity of the situation, protect your rights, and help you determine the best way to deal with those pending charges.

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