Painting the walls in your apartment – pros and cons.

To do the repairs on your own is a good and economical solution. We are going to tell you about the whole process of painting the walls.

Painting the walls in your apartment

What are pros and cons of painting the walls?

Nowadays painting the walls is one of the best solutions. This is almost the only option for decorating walls in offices, but it is often used in apartments. On the one hand, painted walls are practical, on the other they are not entirely ecological. But first things first.
Think twice before deciding to paint the walls. If your house has uneven walls or crooked corners it will not be so easy to do the repairs. Fortunately, there is such a device as a Graco proportioner which makes painting easier.

Wallpaper creates comfort and coziness in the room. It softens sounds, adds coziness. However, when it comes to a living room or a kitchen, you can consider the option of painting. If you do not just do the next repair, and decided to equip the room in a certain style (Baroque, romantic, Japanese), in some cases, wallpaper as well as painting will be a good option.

Painted walls are more practical. They are not scratched, easy to wash. Moreover, you can use any detergents. If you have children or pets, the best option is to choose painting.

At the hardware store you can find a great choice of paints of various colors (you will be offered any shade), textures and varying degrees of gloss and it will help you implement your ideas.
Every year more and more people prefer to paint the walls in their apartments. This is due to the fact that the variety of choice satisfies the most demanding buyer. Also, you should pay attention to the fact that painting walls is perhaps one of the cheapest ways to change the interior. It does not require much time and effort, and allows you to change the color and texture quickly. Modern paints make it possible to keep the room hygienically clean and fresh, to do wet cleaning on painted surfaces.

99% of success of the painting process depend on the correct preparation of the wall. To begin with, you need to remove the old cover: remove the wallpaper, those pieces of old plaster that do not hold well, clean the dust with a brush.

It is better to use a primer-concentrate for priming ordinary plastered surfaces. It should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 4. The primer dries from three to twelve hours. It is better leave it for 8 – 12 hours.

The next stage is applying the starting and finishing putty. At this stage you can either to invite specialists or use Graco repair kits.
After the finishing coat has dried, it needs to be wiped to remove roughness and small irregularities. Then you can start painting.

We hope that our tips will help you do the repairs without any difficulties.

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